Emilio Aguinaldo in the Filipino-American War
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A short documentary on Emilio Aguinaldo, a leader in the Philippines during the Filipino-American War, also known as the Filipino Insurrection. Due to the many comments I've had about this, I would like to clear a few things up. In the Philippines, Emilio Aguinaldo is not considered a hero. Some Filipinos say that he is, while others insist he is not. (Take a look at the comments for different viewpoints.) Calling the war for independence "the Filipino Insurrection" was the way that the American media and government devalued the revolution. The use of the term in this documentary was meant to be historically accurate from the American history books. The man referred to in this documentary was the leader of a group that wanted independence for the Philippines from America after Spanish occupation. He may or may not be a hero; that is for the viewer to decide. UPDATE: It would be quite nice of all of you to stop using this video as a battleground. It was a HIGH SCHOOL VIDEO PROJECT, not a nationally-shown documentary. It was not meant to offend anyone. Please don't use it to insult me or others. Song: "American Junk" by the APO Hiking Society
Added on Sep 8, 2010 by maruglo
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